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2017 Third Sichuan Rota Biotechnology Technology Forum

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June 23, 2017, the third "Sichuan Rota Biotechnology Technology Forum" was successfully held in Dujiangyan, Sichuan. The meeting was specially invited Pr. Shi Haining of Harvard Medical School, Doctor of animal nutrition Zhao Xinghong from China Agricultural University, Professor and director of animal nutrition Wu De from research institute of Sichuan Agriculture University, national senior animal husbandry division Mr. Ling Dengfeng, product director Dr. Wang Dingyue and technical director Mr. Li Gang from Rota. The meeting also invited the presidents, general managers, technical directors and representatives from different enterprises nearly 200 people participated in this event!

General manager Mr. Luo Guoqiang of Rota made an opening speech to express thanks to the arrival of all participating experts, feed company representatives, and technical personnel. Moreover, he made a brief introduction of the development of Rota in recent years, especially the progress of scientific research.

Professor Shi Haining from Harvard Medical School, who made a speech in terms of Immune Regulation of the mucosal barrier function and defense in the intestinal tract, emphasized the importance of intestinal mucosal immunity to animal growth, highlighted the significance of supplementing Antimicrobial Peptides and EGF to the remediation of animal defect, and made an introduction related function aimed at our newly listed product TIPEK.

Dr. Zhao Xinghong, the title of her speech is Strategy of Feed Nutrition and Feeding Management after Banning of Antibiotic, which combine the differences between European experience and domestic environment, aiming at the countermeasures of Chinas feed enterprises and breeding terminal after the banning of antibiotic.

Doctor Li Gang, who deeply introduces the research and development process of the bioactive substances in feeding on the conference, and made a detailed explanation for Rotas production from the research and development process, to the industrialization production, an the detection method.

After that, professor Wu around the theme Research Progress of Dairy Growth Factor and its Effect on Intestinal Health of Early Weaning Piglets” made a sharing, analyzed and put forward related countermeasures against the problem of weaning of suckling pig under intensive farming environment at present.

Undertaking the analysis of professor Wu, Dr. Wang combine Rotas new product TIPEK made a deep theoretical introduction and detailed case studies in the project to the intestinal health of weaning pigs.

At last, senior livestock engineer Ling Dengfeng, who made a speech in terms of “The Integration of Sow and Piglet is the Key Point of Nutrition and Feeding, unselfishly shared the selection idea of the functional additives, and put forward good suggestions to everyone.

This meeting was held in the environment of banning of antibiotic and aiming at looking for a project to replacing antibiotic for lots of feed mills and aquaculture enterprises. The guests and delegates at the meeting kept putting forward good advices, which provides a favorable reference for each enterprise in the direction of product positioning, customer service and research idea. It also gives more people a thorough understanding of the significance of the feed bioactive substances to animal health and antibiotics free breeding, learned about the unique feature of Rotas antimicrobial peptides and EGF.


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